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How to install PDFCreator on domains

When installing “PDFCreator Free“ or “PDFCreator Plus” on a domain you may encounter the following info message: “The Setup detected that this computer is part of a windows domain. There is no support for PDFCreator Plus in Windows domains anymore.“.

Why installation on domains is now part of our
PDFCreator Business editions

A large proportion of “PDFCreator Free” and “PDFCreator Plus” installations is made as silent installations in companies. We have always been happy to help any user who contacted our support and we still are, but installations in corporate networks often need more support than on a single computer. At the same time, the silent installations do not show any advertisements, which we use to cover our expenses for the support and development team.

We therefore moved the ability of silent installation to the PDFCreator business editions. From version 3.2.1 on silent installations are no longer supported in “PDFCreator Free” and “PDFCreator Plus”. We kindly ask for your understanding and hope that the advances possibilities, the prioritized support and the very affordable price are the right value for your company.

We encourage you to choose one of the business editions. Visit our business overview to find the PDFCreator edition that fits best to your requirement.

Take advantage of the business features

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If you are unsure which edition to choose, please reach out to our Customer Service team.
They will be happy to help.

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